FlipView v0.9.7 is released with various performance improvements and bug fixes.

Happy New Year 2013!

Release Notes

For a complete change list please checkout our issue tracker

v0.9.7, Jan 1th 2012

  • The core control flow has been rewritten, which fixes several performance and reliability issues about adapter and async content support. (#36, #29, #28, #8)

  • Supports different bitmap format for animation, which can be used to reduce peak memory consumption. (#34)

  • Fixes a severe memory leak issue. (#33, #21)

  • The demo FlipAsyncContentActivity has been rewritten to illustrate the correct way of handling async content. (#37)

  • A new demo FlipDynamicAdapterActivity to demonstrate how to dynamically load more pages. (#41)

  • Thanks to @siegfriedpammer for his contribution. (Pull #40)