"Magic Trick" of Galaxy App Booster

I happened to try an app called Galaxy App Booster that is a part of Galaxy Labs released by Samsung. It claims that it can optimize all apps on device and boost the overall performance by 5% to 15%. It’s attractive and many users are using it on non-Samsung phones... [Read More]

Porting Dual-Pivot Sort and Timsort from Java to Go

Most programming languages provide sorting APIs in their built-in libraries. Java and Go use different sorting algorithms, I implemented Java’s algorithms in Go with different approaches as an exercise. It’s a fun way to understand some design choices in both languages. [Read More]
Tags: Algorithm Go

FlipView for Android v0.9 Beta Released

I’m happy to announce the first release of FlipView, an Android UI component which help add flipping animation in your application. Please download and install the pre-built demo APK file to check out it in action: [Read More]